Peter Lamb
Geboren 1973 in London, England
Lebt und arbeitet in London

1993 – 1996 Camberwell School of Art, London.
1991 – 1993 Havering College of Art, United Kingdom.


2008 Warm Time Machine, Monika Bobinska Gallery, London
2007 The Unemployed Prophet, CTRL Gallery, Houston, Texas, USA
2006 The Art of Dickies and Pollocks, Kontainer Gallery, London


2010 Das vertraute Unvertraute, Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart
Car Boot Fair, Brick Lane, London (with Petmagpie) 501 UP, Zero10 Gallery, London
Tit For Tat, Whitechapel Gallery Project Space, London
Double or Quits, 335 Wick Road, London
PlusArtProjects, 278 Cambridge Heath Road, London (featuring Mustafa Hulusi, Gavin Turk)

2009 You Are More Beautiful Than A Butterfly, Wall Gallery, London
MILL, Monika Bobinska Gallery, London
Paperview, drawing show curated by Danny Rolph, John Jones Gallery, Londoniking Mountion Funeral, Celestial Projects, Brooklyn, New York
Neon and All Things Electric, Neon and Signmakers, London
You Are More Beautiful Than A Butterfly, Gallery Turpentine, Reykjavik, Iceland
Pulse Art Fair, New York, Monika Bobinska, London
The Macabre Masterpiece Of Terror, Monika Bobinska Gallery, London
Grotto, Museum 52, London

2008 Ultrasonic International 3, Mark Moore Gallery, Los Angeles
CA Free Art Fair, London
Pier Pressure, Maverick Showroom, Red Church Street, London

2007 Thames Mudlarks, Ctrl Gallery, Houston, TX
Miami Aqua, Miami, Ctrl Gallery, Houston, TX
07 Art Fair, London, Ctrl Gallery, Houston, TX
Notting Heaven, Sartorial Art, London
Free Art Fair, London
Lady Holic, Rod Barton Invites, London
Borrow and Burn, Transition Gallery, London
Near Dark, Donna Beam Gallery, Las Vegas, curated by Neal Rock

2006 Beauty and the Beast, Fieldgate Gallery, London
Every Debris, St Pauls Gallery, London
Frenzy, Metropole Gallery, Folkestone, curated by Five Years Gallery
Cold Climates, Living Arts Museum, Iceland, (curator)
Broken Romanticism, Standpoint Gallery, London
Mimoid, Limehouse Arts Foundation, London
People Like Us, No More Grey Gallery, London

2005 Brand X, Sartorial Art Gallery, London
Do Not Ask Me Who I Am, St Pauls Gallery, London
More, Three Colts Gallery, London
Painting Unperfect, Houldsworth Gallery, London
Cold Climates, Apt Gallery, London (curator)
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor, Seventeen Gallery, London

2004 Caution Uneven Surfaces, Temporarycontemporary Gallery, London
Horizon of Expectation, Empire Gallery, London
Material Faith, Kontainer Gallery, Los Angeles
The Agreement, Kontainer Gallery, Los Angeles
Idol Fools, Three Colts Gallery, London
One Day, Gallery Corridor, Iceland
But Not As We Know It, Kontainer Gallery, Los Angeles.
Cold Climate, APT Gallery, London (co-curator)
Then (part 6 painting and sculpture/developments), Phoenix Arts Organisation, Brighton

2003 Pyramid Scheme Exhibition, Schopf Gallery, Chicago
Midas, Post Gallery, Los Angeles
Campaign, Unit 2 Gallery, London (curated by Bob and Roberta Smith)
Group Show, Flaca Gallery, London
But Not As We Know it, APT, London
Temporary Fiction, Transition Gallery, London
LA International, The Latch Gallery, Los Angeles.
Intoxicant, Limehouse Arts Foundation, London.
The Physical World, APT Gallery, London (curator)
The Stray Show, Kontainer Gallery, Chicago.
Soho in Ottakring, Austrian Art Festival, Ottakring.
Miniature, touring show held at Raid Projects, Los Angeles
Kyubidou Gallery, Tokyo (co-curator)

2002 The Stray Show, (co-curator for Raid Projects), Chicago
God is in the Detail, residency at Raid Projects Gallery, Los Angeles
Island (GIANT 2), SevenSeven Gallery, London (curator)
From Dusk Till Dawn, Greenwich University
Loco For Rococco, The Nunnery Gallery, London (co-curator)
Cross-Currents, Raid Projects, Los Angeles
Cross-Currents, MillerDurazo, Los Angeles
Cross-Currents, Deutsche Bank, London
Group Show, K3 Projects, London

2001 GIANT, Three Mills Film and TV Studios, London (co-curator)
Gods country, LA International, MillerDurazo Gallery, Los Angeles
Just Short, Raid Projects, Los Angeles
Group Show, Kopavogs Museum, Iceland

2000 Spurgeon Experience 2, Raid Projects, Los Angeles
A Winters Tale, Wolverhampton City Art Gallery and Museum
Ark 2000, Dilston Grove, London
Stuffed, Stuff Gallery, London
Wall Space, Millerdurazo Gallery, Los Angeles

1999 Group Show, British Lime Gallery, Orange County
Its What She Would Have Wanted, Three Mills Film and TV Studios, London

1997 Group Show, Attendi Gallery, London
I.C.A Special Events, London

1996 Bow Open, London
King Sturge Art Prize, London
Group Show, Coventry Gallery, London
Southwark Open, South London Gallery

Deutsche Bank AG London
Iceland Air